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Among other things, a go-to place to give yourself a boost--something we all need during this pandemic.
People may participate in worship either in the sanctuary or from their computers at home. They aren't just passive viewers. They can be readers or participate in other ways.
Hymns & Music
For Strength & Hope

Links to YouTube music videos that will bring you the healing power of music.
For Choir Hours & Worship Services

Links to videos played during past Zoom Choir Hours and Sunday services.
For Smiles

Some with on-purpose mistakes, some that were created to be funny, and some that are simply amazing.
To Put a Smile on Your Face

Funny &/or heartwarming photos.

Choir Hour and Worship Service
At the 1st United Methodist Church of Grants, New Mexico
  Both events use free Zoom videoconferencing software
      The Choir Hour (7 pm Wednesdays) is a 1st United Methodist Church event that I host. We're using free Zoom videoconferencing software, so that we can get together without leaving our homes and exposing ourselves to COVID. I play YouTube videos of first-rate choir performances, and the videos accompanying many of these are of spectacular scenery. Between the scenery and the music, you're guaranteed to come away feeling buoyed up. 99% of what I play are pieces that are upbeat and inspiring. Pieces with a rock and roll beat are readily available elsewhere, so they are rarely played during Choir Hours.
 To "attend," click this link at 7 pm on Wednesdays: don't need to install any software first. Once you click the link, just follow the on-screen directions.
     You'll find us to be a friendly bunch. In addition to being buoyed up by scenery and music, you'll have a big chunk taken out of any loneliness you might be feeling. No one will try to jam religion down your throat.

     Worship Service
    Our church has what's being called a hybrid worship service. Basically, our services consist of some people being present in the sanctuary, and some through free Zoom videoconferencing software.
     Zoom attendees see live video of the service, as well as live thumbnail videos of those on Zoom. Projected on a wall in the sanctuary are the same video and thumbnail videos that are seen by those at home on Zoom. And, of course, audio is sent to Zoom attendees.
    For hymns, we mostly show videos of choir performances. These videos contain lyrics so that you can sing along, whether you're at home or in the sanctuary. Also, some of the hymns are led by a real human and accompanied by a real piano. If you're at home, there are lyrics displayed on your screen so that you can sing along.
     This Sunday at 11:00, click this link to be part of an inspiring worship service:
You don't need to install any software first. Once you click the link, just follow the on-screen directions.
    The Methodist motto "Open hearts, open minds, open doors," is a good description of what is practiced at our church in Grants. We're a friendly, tolerant bunch. No one will twist your arm to force our brand of Christianity upon you.

Put-a-smile-on-your-face photo:
Three dogs gathered around a heater during a cold December evening.
Supervised by adult humans to insure there was no smoking fur.
The middle dog was already pretty weird, and any brain damage from this event was slight in comparison to existing goofiness.
Grounds for a defamation lawsuit: Any mention of how pet owners and their pets come to resemble each other, through looks and actions.

No animals were harmed or abused during the shooting of this photograph (except for the aforementioned slight brain damage to the middle dog)!